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The success of your company is our number one concern.

Communication and Customer Service

Many successful companies are dissatisfied with the customer service, communication, or turnaround time they are receiving. In fact, these seem to be the biggest industry complaints we hear. We work directly with the production managers at our network of labs to ensure your products are completed quickly and accurately. M&M Labs utilizes real-time communication to answer all your questions and address all your business needs. We have successfully transitioned many existing companies to a better happier solution. The success of your company is our number one priority.

M&M Labs Manufacturing Network

M&M Labs has an extensive network of trusted and vetted USA-based manufacturers allowing us to quickly find the best fit for your projects. The millions we spend throughout our network gives you an immediate and significant advantage over working alone. We assure your products get the attention and priority they deserve. Whether you need 500 bottles or 1,000,000 we have the facilities to meet your needs. Our buying power means you can rest assured you are getting the best value and highest quality products to grow your business.

Experience & Expertise

M&M Labs team of Medical Doctors give your company the benefits of decades of nutritional expertise. Our team has worked successfully with national and international brands and many page one Amazon brands. Our success and years of industry experience manufacturing cutting edge products speaks for itself. Let it speak for your company as well.

Helping You Succeed

M&M Labs is here to guide you from start to finish. There are many moving pieces in a project and we help you avoid the common pitfalls. Every aspect of design, production, labeling, and shipping has it’s unique set of challenges. We know how to easily navigate this difficult landscape. M&M Labs also helps you with certificates of analysis, certificates of free sale, and other needed documentation for the success of your business. Whether you are selling on Amazon, in retail stores, or internationally, the paperwork required can be a stumbling block, even for large businesses. Our experience can save you time, headaches, and money.

We Stock your Custom Formulas for Immediate Fulfillment

Are poor or unpredictable turnaround times negatively affecting your business? Has this caused you to run out of products leading to lost revenue, added marketing expense, and unnecessary stress? M&M Labs is one of the few companies to offer to stock your custom formulas for immediate shipping assuring you won’t run out of stock. Our vast resources help you keep more capital at your fingertips for marketing, growth and development of new products.

Set Your Brand Apart with MDRC Certification

The congested supplement market makes it hard to stand above the crowd. A medical certification can help differentiate and elevate your brand. M&M Labs is the exclusive company in the USA to offer Medical Doctor Research Certified Status.TM Our team of physicians evaluates your formulas and our medical advisory board certifies your product. We assure your product meets the highest standards. Publishable certificates are issued for your website and marketing and a special seal is applied to your labels- the MDRC stamp.

Our pricing promise to you

Let M&M Labs massive buying power and nationwide strategic partnerships work to help your business. We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry by passing our buying strength on to you. Whether you are just getting started, or looking to scale up, our network of production facilities assures we can hit your price point to help your business grow. We understand the competitiveness in the market today and know your success depends on maintaining the highest profitability possible.

Our service promise

Dr. Hendricks is personally involved in every customer project to provide oversight and ensure your product is made to the highest standards possible. He sits on multiple advisory boards in the US and Internationally. One of the most common complaints in the industry is poor communication and responsiveness from labs. Having an insider advocating for you is of extreme value. We pride ourselves on our customer service, rapid response time to any of your questions, and fast product turnaround times.

Company Analysis

Trying to compete from a business standpoint in the supplement industry can be challenging. Having a physician with nutritional biochemistry expertise can be extremely helpful in developing the right product for your business. This is where we come in! Our extensive nationwide network of industry partnerships allow us to provide very low-cost start-up options and scalability. For our larger national and international brands, we are proud to partner with industry leaders for mass production. In either case we strive to continue the development of cutting edge, next generation products to help your business, big or small, succeed.

Formula Improvement
Increased Profit
” M&M Labs is a physician-driven nutraceutical company specializing in premium, research driven dietary supplements and other health and wellness products. Founded by Medical Doctors with years of experience in nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutritional medicine, M&M Labs provide state of the art formulations for your business. We design and develop custom formulas for large health retailers and medical practitioners, and are behind many top ranked products on page one of Amazon. “
Label Design 100%
Brand Recognition 100%
Marketing 100%
E-Commerce Integration 100%
Strategic Services

Producing supplements and other health related items requires planning and multiple skill sets. From label design to e-commerce planning, our experts have all the bases covered. Our clients leverage our years of industry experience to get the job done right the first time. We know what claims you can make, and what you can't. We know exactly how to format your labels for legal compliance, but also brand recognition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

MDRC ™ – Medical Doctor Research Certification Program

What is the MDRC Program? It is a comprehensive review and certification program offered by M&M Labs Medical Advisory Board that provides your product a special designation, MDRCTM (medical doctor certified), along with a publishable certificate.
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